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Simply Scrumptious & Thistledown Antiques, Duncans Mills

Simply Scrumptious

Simply Scrumptious

Fabulous Catering by Christina!

Delicious food elegantly presented for your Special Event. Choose tasty, freshly crafted artisan fare from my six page menu of Appetizers, Starters, Soups, Salads, Entrees, Side Dishes & Desserts
Request personalized menus styled with your unique tastes, thematic ideas & party purpose in mind.

Complete Party Planning & Catering Services available, utilizing vast hospitality experience from one who loves to cook and display a sumptuous and beautiful array of food.

I would love to help you with your Party! 1 to 125

Please contact me for pricing or any questions you may have about items on the extensive menu listed below. If you would like me to prepare a personalized, suggested menu for your Special Event, I will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs. With 24 years of experience in the culinary arts I have an extensive portfolio of pictures and recommendations for your consideration.


Mushroom Stuffs ∾ Cheese Puff Surprize ∾ Crab-Stuffed Tomatoes ∾ Prawns & Snow Peas
Baked Brie ∾ Rumaki ∾ Pizzitas ∾ Quesadillas ∾ Gorgonzola Stuffed Grapes
Tiger Shrimp with 3 Sauces ∾ Fresh Crab in Season ∾ Crab Cakes
Skewered Chicken, Beef or Pork with Sauces ∾ Puff, Prawns & Pineapple
Lox and Company ∾ Whole Fresh Salmon
Smoked Salmon with Capers & Creamed Cheese ∾ Fancy Coastal Cheese Board
Fresh Vegetable Display ∾ Oysters on the Half-Shell ∾ Oysters with Scallions & Ginger
Shrimp Cocktail ∾ Creamy Shrimp Spread ∾ Ham Scrolls ∾ BaBa Ganoush
Hot Artichoke Bread Spread ∾ Cheese Fondue
Lisa’s Tofu with Spicy Peanut Dip ∾ Skewered Tortellini with Three Sauces
Array of Artisan Bread with Three Spreads ∾ Cheese, Avocado, Egg & Caviar Torte
Potato Skins ∾ Canapes ∾ Finger Sandwiches ∾ Little Smokies in Pastry
Great Stuffed Eggs ∾ Rarely Revealed Relishes
Dried Fruit & Nut Tumble ∾ Asparagus with Cut Horseradish
Or anything else that pleases your palate!

Creamy Leek ∾ Boston Clam Chowder ∾ Butternut Squash
Cream of Asparagus ∾ Cream of Broccoli
French Onion ∾ Lentil ∾ Cream of Mushroom
Seafood Chowder ∾ Pumpkin ∾ Potato

Special Blue & Green Caesar ∾ Mardi Gras Viniagrette ∾ Five Bean ∾ Greek
Old Fashioned Potato ∾ German Potato ∾ Shrimp Cocktail ∾ Crab Cocktail
Pasta Prima Vera ∾ Mandarin Chicken ∾ Tortellini with Pesto & Sundried Tomatoes
Fresh Spring Greens & Salad Bar ∾ Zesty Spinach with Goat Cheese & Calamatas
Heirloom Tomatoes with Basil, Feta & Balsamic
Layered Strawberries, Greens & Gorgonzola ∾ Melon Medley
Macaroni & Crab ∾ Luscious Summer Fruit Bowl
Moulded Salads: Aspic, Gelatine, Salmon, Shrimp
……Or another you fancy perhaps!?

Rice Jumble ∾ Pure White Rice with Lemon Pepper & Butter
Cajun, Curried, Refried, Wild or Pilaf Rice ∾ French Green Beans ∾ Baby Squash
Baked Butternut ∾ Yam Medallions with Mango Sauce
Sweet Potatoes, Apples & Walnuts ∾ Winter Medley ∾ Gingered Carrots ∾ Broccoli
Peppers, Onions & Zucchini ∾ Asparagus with Meyer Spritz
Cashew, Sausage Stuffing ∾ Brussels Sprouts ∾ Artichokes ∾ Snap Peas & Butter Beans
Tomatillos, Tomatoes, Onions, Zucchini & Eggplant
……& all kinds of Veggies!

Spuds are a Specialty…
Parsley Red Potatoes ∾ Baby Yellow Dutch Potatoes
Garlic Smashed Potatoes ∾ Scalloped Potatoes ∾ Twice Baked Spud
Mixed Fingerlings & Baby Potatoes ∾ Ranch Style Potatoes ∾ O’Brien ∾ Baked Potatoes
& Etc.


Whole, Beautifully Garnished Salmon ∾ Catfish & Capers ∾ Halibut
Salmon Steaks with Lemon Dill ∾ Salmon Filet en Crout ∾ Fisherman’s Stew
Sauteed Oysters, Scallions & Ginger ∾ Calamari and Zucchini Red
Prawns ∾ Scallops

Beef Wellington ∾ Filet Medallions ∾ Sliced Filet Mignon ∾ Prime Rib
Skirt Steak with Sweet Onions ∾ Bar-B-Q Baby Back Ribs ∾ Skewered Teriyaki Beef & Veggies
Meatballs: Swedish, Danish or Mom’s ∾ Savory All American Meatloaf ∾ Chili Con Carne

Tenderloin with Orange Sauce ∾ Chops with Caramalized Apples
Boneless Ranch Ribs with Savory Glaze ∾ Bar-B-Que Spare Ribs
Skewered Rump with Peppers, Onions, Pineapple ∾ Stir Fry Teriyaki
Glazed Ham & Three Mustards ∾ Sausage Medley ∾ Chili Verde

Fall Off Bone Shanks ∾ Country Chops with Meyer Marmalade
Boneless Leg 3 Day Marinade ∾ Shish-Ka-Bab with Peppers & Onions
Shepherd’s Pie ∾ Moussaka ∾ Rack of Lamb

Stuffed Cornish Game Hens ∾ Brandy Apricot Chicken Pecan
Stuffed Boneless Chicken Breasts with Honey Dijon
Bone In Bar-B-Que Chicken & Sauce Choice
Chicken en Crout with Brie & Walnuts ∾ Thai Peanut Chicken
Whole Huge Stuffed Turkey ∾ Smoked Sliced Turkey ∾ Turkey Pie

Tortellini, Pesto, Sundried Tomatoes & Creamy Alfredo
Fettucini Alfredo, Scallops & Scallions
Meaty Lasangne, Red
Fettucini, Creamy Champagne, Sausage, Peppers & Calamatas
Spaghetti with Meaty Red Sauce
We happily prepare your Favorites!

Moussaka ∾ Pasta Primavera with Alfredo ∾ Lasangne
Greek Spaghetti ∾ Eggplant Parmesan
Fritata ∾ Stuffed Bell Peppers ∾ Stuffed Baked Tomatoes

Fancy Burrito Bar Extraordinaire ∾ Fritata ∾ Salmon or Cheese Souffle
Build-Your-Own Sandwich Bar ∾ Delicious Sandwiches ∾ Pizza


Dinner Rolls – Included with Meal
Garlic Bread ∾ Pesto Bread ∾ Honey Corn Bread ∾ Banana Nut Bread
Poppyseed Bread with Lemon Drizzle ∾Bran Bread
Oat Bran Banana Pecan ∾ Blueberry Bread ∾ Mixed Berry Bread
Apple Bread ∾ Bisquits ∾ Cheesy Bisquits
Artisan Breads: Garlic, Olive, Potato, Cheese ∾ San Francisco Sour Dough


My Celebration Cakes are Divine. The enticing appearance and succulent flavors inspire lasting
memories of good taste. Beautifully decorated with edible flowers:

Chocolate Raspberry Torte ∾ Yellow Cake ∾ White Cake ∾ Lemon Cake ∾ Carrot Cake
Spice Cake ∾ Swiss Mocha Cake ∾ German Chocolate Cake ∾ Double Chocolate Cake
…. All Cakes with any filling you like!

Pecan Pie ∾ Strawberry Pie ∾ Lemon Meringue Pie ∾ Apple Pie ∾ Fresh Peach Pie
Mixed Berry Pie ∾ Pumpkin Pie ∾ Sweet Potato Pie ∾ Chocolaty Brownies
Chocolate Fondue with Dippable Fruit ∾ Fresh Fruit Tarts ∾ Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Shortbread & Berries ∾ Bread Pudding ∾ Rice pudding with Raisins
Chocolate Mousse ∾ Sundaes ∾ Rootbeer Floats ∾ Ice Cream Sodas

My Food is Marvelous!




Thistledown Antiques

Thistledown Antiques

Open by arrangement or by chance, this little shop offers a delightful and varied inventory of 18th and 19th Century treasures.

Located in Villa Grande, California, on the Russian River, a vintage home and garden share the location. A beautiful Burmese healing Buddha, African Artifacts, art glass and pottery, Nippon jewelry; useful and decorative pieces, carefully selected abound.

Christina 707 865-1118 by arrangement

On the Russian River and In the Redwoods



The Octagon House

The Octagon House

A beautiful, historic venue for small and large gatherings.

Step into the Charm of 19th Century ambiance,  enhanced by up-to-date cuisine and service at The Octagon House circa 1889.

Reserve this special venue for: A Wedding, Retirement Party, Book Club Meeting, High Tea, Baby Shower, Garden Party, Memorial Service, Fund Raiser, Rehearsal Dinner, Wine Tasting, Private Dinner Party, & All Manner of Celebrations.

On Site:

Full-Service Catering & Event Planning
Tour of Historical Property
Antiques Show & Sale

Creating Lingering Memories for 20 to 60 persons

Christina 707 865-1118 by arrangement

On the Russian River and In the Redwoods

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