Christopher Queen Galleries


#4 John Orr's Gardens
Duncans Mills, CA 95430

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Monday : 11am-5pm
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Christopher Queen Galleries, Duncans Mills

Christopher Queen Galleries

Christopher Queen Galleries specializes in Early California Paintings and Award Winning Contemporary Artists on display at its galleries in Duncans Mills, California.

Christopher Queen Galleries proudly represents several award winner contemporary artists including Jack Cassinetto, Don Ealy, Allen Figone, Ronald Goldfinger, Jane Hofstetter, Paul Kratter, Kyle Paliotto, Dave Sellers, Bart Walker & F. Michael Wood. Landscapes, figurals, still lifes and animal paintings adorn the walls.

Christopher Queen Galleries was established in 1976. At that time Christopher Galleries was located in Country Stores, the red building at the corner of Main and B streets in Duncans Mills. Nancy Ferreira and Alfhild Wallen started the gallery in the building the family had just restored.

The building was built in 1877 by Christopher de Quien who Americanized his name to Christopher Queen. Queen was a Pony Express rider (which existed for only 22 months) before he settled in the little town of Duncans Mills. Nancy and Alfhild decided to honor Christopher Queen and name the gallery after him. The gallery specialized in wildlife art and antique and limited edition prints.

In 1982, the gallery moved to John Orr’s Stores. John Orr¬†was an early settler in Duncans Mills and the owner of the saloon (now Worldly Goods). After decades of enlarging and moving into original Early California Paintings and Award winning Contemporary Artists, the gallery now showcases nationally known artists, both old and new.

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